The Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association stands together with the greater LGBTQ+ community in condemning the onslaught of attacks on transgender and LGBTQ+ children across the United States.

The past two legislative sessions have seen Republicans introducing and passing legislation and taking executive action harming transgender and LGBTQ+ children across the country in an attempt to score political points. We condemn these attacks on these most vulnerable youth.

Transgender girls must be able to play sports with their peers in an affirming environment. Transgender children must be able to access medical care without fear. And LGBTQ+ people must be celebrated in schools, not erased.

We support LGBTQ+ children and their families during this difficult moment in LGBTQ+ progress. We have fought too long and too hard to ensure LGBTQ+ individuals are treated as equals and will continue to champion this work and protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

For more information, including ways to assist, please visit: 

Lambda Legal


Democracy Now

Statement by Florida State Senator Shervin Jones